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Release Date=2019; director=D.W. Young; Star=Susan Benne; Duration=99 Min; liked it=9 Votes. “One of the consequences of moving really fast is that we occasionally introduce bugs on our site. Ruben found an off-by-one error when indexing into an array in a piece of code around our catalog structure. The beautiful thing is, heres the entry that triggered this bug: the book listing for] ‘C Pointers and Dynamic Memory Management, ” said Allan Vermeulen, CTO of Seattle online retail giant in his March 16, 2004, keynote at SD West. In a unique and highly effective approach, throughout his talk on innovation Vermeulen flashed his own snapshots of his development team, describing how each individual had contributed to the companys success. Allan Vermeulen, CTO: Hire the best, raise the bar, dont treat engineers as order takers, empower teams, remove friction, and know when to buy and when to advice was tried and true: “Hire the best, raise the bar, dont treat engineers as order takers, empower teams, remove friction, and know when to buy and when to build”—but more interesting was his insight into the technical solutions Amazon has built itself. Clearly, the company is banking on product search technology, going so far as to spin off its proprietary search mechanism into a Palo Alto-based subsidiary, A9. Named “Botega” (the combination of two engineers last names) the search tool dates back to early 1998, when the search team lead “realized that when people search for things, we can look historically at what other people have bought when they searched for the same term, ” Vermeulen said. Botega also includes spell checking, using correlation to refine the result: “If someone spells ‘partner wrong and then later buys John Grishams latest book, The Partner, now we know what they meant. Other people do that now, but in 98, it was revolutionary. At the time, we were purchasing our search technology and the vendor didnt want to build spell check. ” Because its needs are unique in the retail space, the company has built its own supply chain, forecasting and demand planning software. Another focus is on making fulfillment centers hum: “We actually sell 5 billion of stuff to people in increments of 50. ” Amazon engineers ultimately reprogrammed the Crisplant sorter machine they use—designed primarily for UPS and luggage handling, not thousands of small orders—so that instead of batches or even overlapping batches, the sorter can handle a continuous flow of inventory. “The fulfillment centers are fascinating. When I joined in 1999, at Christmas they used to get swamped, and it was all hands on deck. Management would be working in the fulfillment centers, going through this process called picking: Pulling items off shelves and using a handheld scanner, ” Vermeulen said. The scanners are essentially X terminals running Unix shell—not exactly user friendly. “For the temporary workers in Kentucky, this was suboptimal. Weve since innovated to menu systems. But the funniest command was when workers would type e, which started emacs. We had to show them that you press Control X, then Control C to close emacs. ” Returning to the online portion of the business, Vermeulen defined the website as absolutely strategic—so much so that “the only way to keep up a site this fast and rich is to build the page-rendering system ourselves. Its now in place for about half our sites. ” All servers can be invoked asynchronously. For the component layer, the team uses Mason with some customizations. Amazon is well known as having mastered personalization technology, recommending items consumers might want to buy—but going beyond best sellers to suggest increasingly obscure items that match a users tastes and personal purchasing history. The approach is to combine slow-moving, or historical, data and combine it with fast-moving data, such as more recent activity. “Personalization is full of areas where its useful to be innovative. Otherwise, you end up recommending Harry Potter 5 to everybody, ” Vermeulen said. To arrive at such solutions, the team evaluates personalization algorithms against control and test groups. The area that may hold the greatest promise, Vermeulen opined, was Web services. Though attempts in 1999 to serve up XML and XSLT to render device-specific formats of Amazon Web pages did not really take off in the U. S., he said, but was popular in Japan. Nevertheless, “the Web services interface to the Amazon platform could be our business in the next five years. Were letting the outside world work on our platform. ” In a follow-up interview, Vermeulen explained that, contrary to popular belief, Amazon Web services are not all directed to the companys affiliate vendor program. “One of the apps I like is Grokker, by Groxis. It lets you visualize search results, using Amazon Web services to get back all results. Its an interesting, rich graphic—you get concentric circles with different categories represented and you click to go deeper. ” Another is a joint project with Microsoft for the next edition of Office, which will offer the Office research pane. Right-clicking on a phrase will present a list of search results from Amazon. If you find a book, for example, youll be able to select from the actions menu and have the complete bibliographic reference inserted into the document. Monsoon, a Portland, Ore. -based software firm, has built a system for booksellers looking to liquidate inventory, while sifts through blog streams in search of product references to determine the hottest products du jour. From a technical standpoint, Amazons approach is to “pay attention to the standards and use them where they make sense. ” For instance, Amazon offers both SOAP- and REST-based Web services. In other words, the simple object access protocol, most notably implemented by Visual Studio s “Web method” keyword, is one option for developers who download the SDK, but 85 percent of developers use the representational state transfer, or simple HTTP publishing, approach. What does the absence of demand for SOAP mean? Is the protocol doomed? “It tells me that the programming tools are not mature yet. Visual Studio is the most mature tool out there for dealing with Web services. Once you have a tool like that, you can do anything, ” Vermeulen said. The SDK currently comprises such methods as a seller engine, product search, access to customer reviews and wish lists, inventory and listing management, but the long-term goal, according to the chief technologist, formerly of Rogue Wave Software, is anything available on the website. What differentiates Amazons Web services SDK from that of its best-known dot-com brethren? “Its very hard to define the lines of Google, its very amorphous. But our search is very different, its an all-around product search, so theres a different end-game in mind. Botega looks at the downstream results of what youve done after your search. ” As for eBay, “the tool is more for sellers trying to use their marketplace. ” Jokingly, he added, “Ours is better. ” The company claims 50, 000 downloads of the SDK since July 2002, but isnt sure whos done what with it. “Weve deliberately kept it very open, ” Vermeulen said.

The booksellers association. The booksellers cincinnati. The booksellers austin landing. It better come out. Any official who disallows the info is culpable and should get strangled, also. The bookseller. The Booksellers movie download mp4 The,Boo~ksel,le,rs.,movie,download,kickass The&To&read The'Booksellers'fmovies… Watch The Booksellers Full Movie Online Now. The booksellers memphis tn. Here it is, folks: THE MEGA ULTIMATE FTM WEBCOMIC LIST OF JUSTICE! It's every FTM (or trans masculine, trans* DFAB/AFAB, nonbinary, intersex but raised as a female and had gender dysphoria, etc. webcomic that I could find (with at least two pages) where I could verify that the character was afab. Randomly ordered. Some may be very, very NSFW. (Most aren't. If I've made a mistake, just let me know and I can change it. Please let me know of any broken links. Get your bookmarks ready, kids, cause it's about to go down. Part Two: Format: Title" Description of afab character) Link *Length of archive, status of comic (hiatus/ complete/ still updating) My personal views/ summary *Synopsis from the author *Misc. *My personal rating out of 10 (scores less than five aren't shown) Part Two: 1. “Mantime” (Trans guy main characters) Short, but updating sporadically Brief snap-shots of transitioning in a humorous fashion, easily relatable From the author: Being a trans man is tough. Sometimes you gotta wrestle bears. Other times you can't get the goddamn lid off the apple sauce. Here's a bunch of weird comics about it. 9/10 ~2. “What-Sexual? ” (Gay trans guy main character & amab nonbinary main character) A few chapters, still updating Ongoing story of a character AFAB trying to figure out who they are, meeting someone along the way (romance and teen angst. From the author: A suicidal college student struggles with his sexuality and gender identity. Upon meeting another student who happens to be pansexual, they immediately have the hots for each other. 6. 5/10 ~3. “Queermos Journey” (Trans masc main character) Smallish archive; last updated in 2015. Cute strip comic & really love how “shark week” and “dysphoria” are presented as characters From the author: Life is confusing. One queer dudes attempts to muddle through it. 8/10 ~4. “Whats Normal Anyway? ” (Gay trans guy main character) Completed; smallish to medium-sized archive Strip comic about the good things that come with transitioning! Quite humorous. From the author: Whats Normal Anyway? is a comic that discusses the trans male experience through the story of Mel, who takes the big risk of being himself and transitioning from female to male. This comic aims to add another voice representing a part of the wide spectrum of human diversity. And be funny about it too. 9/10 ~5. “Rooster Tails” (Trans guy main character with genderqueer afab partner) Medium-size archive, still updating! Cmon, you know you want a snapshot into someone elses life. From the author: Rooster Tails is a weekly autobio webcomic exploring the life of a geeky transguy transitioning in New Zealand. Its written by me! Sam. A geeky, chubby transguy who spends too much time on the internet, messing about, and reading comics. Its a way to pass the time while I try and get hairier…. (that sounded way more weird than I intended it to, sorry. And it also quite often features Joe (my lovely companion) who is an incredibly smart, verbose (articulate, is perhaps a nicer word) trans/political/feminist theory nerd, who is femme and genderqueer. 7/10 ~6. “Kyle and Atticus” (Trans masc main character) No longer updating: Great modern fantasy kind of setting. Great art and a story that really pulls you in From the author: A (gender)queer comic about a kid named Kyle, and a robot named Atticus. 8/10 ~7. “Khaos Komix” (Gay trans guy main character) Completed! Over 500 pages total- worth every second. It starts off with some queer romance stories and how a group of peoples lives are intertwined. The FTM story is Toms (beginning about halfway through the archive if you're going chronologically, but the characters are introduced earlier) all of which is told very well. Id encourage you to read them all because theyre wonderful From the author: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender main characters. Deals with homophobia, transphobia and sexual abuse. Tear Jerker. The author also has one-shot 'minority monster' comics, last updated in August 2016. Readers could vote on which monster the author drew next. So here's the link for the transguy one: 9. 5/10 ~8. “GCutie! ” (Trans masc main character) Small archive & still updating! AFAB gender queer autobio comic, that gives an interesting perspective on social dysphoria and just being yourself. From the author: GQutie (pronounced gee-cutie. is an autobiographical comic detailing one genderqueer artists thoughts, discoveries, and encounters when it comes to their gender and everything connected to it (which is a lot of things, it turns out. 7/10 ~9. “Orientation Police” (Read description below) Complete; one comic from the archive of “The Amazing Adventures of Bill” as part of an anthology Just the one short comic about a gay guys experience dating trans guys thats really positive. 5/10 (mostly because it's so short) 10. “Copper-Rose” (Trans guy main characters) Small archive. Last updated in January 2016 Autobio strips in Scott Pilgrim-style art. Itll make you laugh, itll make you weep, itll make you squint at the screen and mutter “Wat” From the author: THIS IS MY PERSONAL TUMBLR: day to day life of a transman. 8/10 ~11. “Tales From The Closet” (Trans guy main character) Complete; four page coming-out comic that helps you vocalize how you want to be addressed From the author: I made a coming out comic for facebook. Have a happy coming out day, and may the odds be ever in your favor. 6/10 ~12. “Seeing Him” (Straight trans guy main character) 30 pages so far, still updating Cute romance that doesnt focus on the guy being trans but is a major focal point. The creator was also one of the authors for "Validation" a story with a MTF main character, here: From the author: “Seeing Him” is the story of Kate, a small business owner, and Adam, a transgender male doctor, falling in love and engaging in hi-jinks with their outrageous friends. 6/10 ~13. “T-time With Sime” (Trans guy main character) Not updating/ hiatus; small archive Autobio strips that are brutally honest and engaging From the author: I am an 18-year-old student in the UK, and I'm working hard to be seen as male by the rest of the world. 7/10 ~14. “Sing the Moon Down” (Gay trans guy main character) Complete; only about ~40 pages Wish it couldve been longer, but a cute story nonetheless From the author: Sam is the shy and awkward new witch in a small town. After opening up an apothecary clinic, he gets acquainted with Santiago, the local werewolf who struggles with issues of self identity. Luckily, Sam is just the man for this job. 6/10 ~15. “3PM in the Morning” (Trans masc main character) Small archive, last updated in February 2017 Strips of autobio content in a very whimsical style, and cute cats From the author: Slices of life and colorful rant from a Little transbabe of many faces. 7/10 ~16. “Knights Errant” (AFAB main character) Medium archive (5 chapters) still updating! Fiction of the highest caliber. Action! Adventure! Intrigue! From the author: Wilfrid is on a quest. A quest for what, you ask? Wil won't say, but being imprisoned in a city under siege has brought any progress to a sudden, grinding halt. Luckily for Wilfrid, there's a prison guard on their side. Unluckily for the prison guard, and everyone else who has the misfortune of meeting this enigmatic vagrant, they'll soon discover the bloody nature of Wilfrid's quest. 9/10 ~17. “Pretty Fly for a Trans Guy” (Trans guy main character) Hiatus. but with recent status updates/ strips on the tumblr page below; short archive (40 pages) Autobio silliness From the author: A trans guy trying to get through life day by day. 6/10 ~18. "Second Puberty" Straight trans guy main character) Still updating; decent sized archive ( 600 strips) One of the first trans guy webcomics, if I'm not mistaken, which started as "TransE-Generation. Strip comic of everyday life with a comedic twist From the author: A positive funny side of being transgendered. Inter-sex and genderqueer stories are welcomed. Most of them are true stories. The purpose of the comic is to help others laugh at themselves and see themselves more positively because comedy can heal a person and save lives. In contributing, you are helping everyone accept themselves and others to accept them. 5/10 ~19. "Misfile" Read description below) Still updating; started in 2004, huge archive Not about a trans guy, but a guy who becomes a girl due to angelic incompetence. Still has themes we can all identify with (and chuckle about. From the wiki: It chronicles the story of Ash Upton and Emily McArthur who, after a universal filing error in the Celestial Filing Depository, find that their lives are very different than they were the day prior. Emily has become two years younger and Ash has swapped sexes completely, and is now a girl. In order to change things back to the way they were, they must play along to ensure that Rumisiel (the angel who caused this mess in the first place. gets back into heaven before the bosses find out and make the changes permanent. 6/10 For other magic gender-bending comics, see: El Goonish Shive @ Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki. 20. "Trial of the Sun" Eliano is a trans guy main character) Still updating Wed & Fri; medium-to-large-ish archive, 300 pages Fantasy-type webcomic with a really cool plotline. Very detailed art in a neat style. Trans guy main character without it being a major deal, although I'm kind of confused about some of the pronouns/ titles used (like being a shield 'maiden' even though he's a guy. 8/10 -21. "Only Two" Nonbinary main character) Pretty new; still updating; small archive- quick read Sketches/ stick figure-ish strip comics about being nonbinary (usually from an AFAB viewpoint. Funny, similar to the "Oh no" strips (if you've seen those, source here: From the author: A comic about being non-binary in a binary world. 5/10 -22. "FtM" Trans guy main character) Complete; only two pages Angsty From the author: A collab comic with my bro. 5/10 -23. "A comic on gender identity. Trans guy main character) Complete; only three pages A talk between present self and past self From the author: I was going to write a post for Transgender awareness month but I decided that, seeing as I am a comic illustrator, I would draw something. 5/10 -24. "kaicomics" Trans guy main character) Small archive ( 25 pages) still updating It's like if Sarah Anderson drew comics as an ftm. (Reference: From the author: 15 year old FTM transgender artist. 7/10 -25. "Hello World, It's Eli" Trans guy main character) Small archive ( 25 pages) still updating Artsy FTM comics about random day-to-day adventures From the author: Trans guy navigating life and gender through comics. 5/10 -26. "With great abandon" Gay trans guy main character) 65 pages; still updating frequently Realistic with a great flow. Very cute and not dialogue heavy. From the author: Harry is a gay trans man, Russell is gay cis man, and With Great Abandon is a queer romance set over the course of a year in London. It's the story of their differences, their similarities, and their relationship. A hopeful and kind story. Also food and comics. 9/10 -27. "Welp Webcomics" Trans guy main character) Only about 10 pages so far; still updating (last updated Feb 2017) I may relate to this more than others because I'm socially anxious as well. From the author: I'm Spencer (he/him) and this is my little spot on the internet where I try to be relatable through comics! You'lI also find positivity/resources here. If you need anything specific tagged please let me know! <3" 7/10 -28. "Squirrely Trans Boy" Trans guy main characters) Less than ten pages; still updating Kinda minimalist art, interested in seeing where it goes. Small snapshots of daily life From the author: This is a blog for trans-related comics. All art is drawn by either Spec or Sasaki. 6/10 -29. "OG Truscum" Trans guy main character) Less than ten pages; still updating Humorous strips of daily ftm life. Very relatable. 7/10 -30. "All my trangst" Trans guy main character) Less than ten pages; still updating (last updated Feb 2017) Humorous strips of daily ftm life From the author: The day to day life and transition log of Daniel. Pokémon Master, Bookseller, Palaeontologist and Transman. 6/10 -31. "The trans comics. Trans guy main character) Less than ten pages; still updating Relatable strips of daily ftm life From the author: Comics about my trans experience, I make these to help reduce my dysphoria" 5/10 -32. "Trans-missions" Trans guy main character) A little over 50 pages; last updated in 2010 Humorous strips of daily ftm life From the author. a webcomic about my life as an FtM transgender. Not every comic is on that topic though, just like my life is not all about being trans. Currently, I'm planning on running it as simply a series of unrelated strips rather than organised story-arcs, but that might change in the future. Basically, I do this for fun. 5/10 -33. "GNDR FCKD" Trans guy main character) 17 pages; last updated in 2014: From the author: Gene is a FTM transgender teenager who found himself homeless after the death of his grandmother, who helped support him in his transition. One day some thugs from his old High School found him and decided to teach him a lesson for being transgender and beat him till he passed out. He wakes to find himself in an odd community home owned by Alois, an art teacher and an FTM himself" 34. "TwoKinds" Read description below) Probably the largest archive ever, been going on for 13 years; still updating! I'm not sure if it technically qualifies, but there is some gender stuff going on with a wolf character that I might spoil some plot if I say any more. Although, it wouldn't hurt to check it out just to see how far the artist has come style-wise and writing-wise. From the author: After losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legacy, a former leader for an organization of mages called the Templar, finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl of strange, tiger-like qualities. As Trace gradually begins to re-learn what he once knew, he soon discovers that Flora belongs to a race of people who are enemies of his kind. As friendship confects with racial differences, Trace and Flora find themselves in a situation more critical than either of them can imagine. 7/10 -35. "Venus Envy" Trans guy secondary character) No longer updating; large archive Mostly focused on an MTF main character, but features an FTM character as well. Definitely a classic that everyone has probably already read, but if not, check it out. It started in 2001, very much before any significant trans visibility was mainstream From the author: Venus Envy is a typical high school romantic comedy, with the welcome addition of lesbians, crossdressers, and of course transsexuals. The story follows Zoë, a teenage male-to-female transsexual, as she comes of age, tries to keep her secret, and tackles life's challenges. 6/10 -36. "Transposes" Trans guy main characters) Complete; 120 pages; not strictly a 'web'comic- available for purchase, but has a free 37-page preview for download From the website: Dylan Edwards Transposes separates gender from sexuality and illustrates six fascinating true stories of transgender men who also happen to be queer. The result is laugh-out-loud funny, heartbreaking, challenging, inventive, informative, and invites the reader to explore what truly makes a man a man. Includes a foreword by New York Times bestselling author Alison Bechdel" Same author who made this webcomic: with trans characters. 10 (didn't buy it) 37. "Strapped to the Mast" Trans guy main character) Less than ten strips; blog last updated in 2012: Sometimes funny, sometimes serious strips of autobio daily life of a trans guy From the author: One transman's journey sailing into the unknown with the only provisions he knows: a spoonful of seriousness, a pinch of humor, and comic artistry. 38. "Bash Back- A Story of the Queer Mafia" Gay trans guy main character) Still updating, but it's been a few months since the last page; smallish-sized archive Pretty intriguing (nsfw) storyline that draws you in, with a kind of whimsical art style From the author: This (comic) is an outré, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor. Michael Swift" 8/10 -39. "Prague Race" Trans guy main character) Still updating; medium-sized archive CanNOT RECOMMEND ENOUGH. Artistically beautiful (Tim Burton-esque) interesting characters, very subtle ftm character. It's perfect From another reader: Leona finds out shes got a deadly magical parasite from another world. Now shes got one year left to live her life to the fullest. 10/10 -40. "Monster Pop. Straight trans guy secondary character) Still updating; medium-sized archive ( 5 chapters) Gorgeous art in an easy-to-read format. Ongoing story about monsters in school with a very bubbly lead character. Lots of drama. Main character starts dating an FTM guy, but the trans part is subtle From the author: Monster Pop! is a comic about two best friends and the slice of life adventures they share! Monster Pop! is set in an alternate Earth where monsters coexist with humans; sometimes they integrate well, sometimes they clash. This comic is heavily influenced by shoujo manga. 9/10 (I'm a sucker for cute things, so. 41. "DeadEndia" Gay trans guy main character) Still updating; medium sized archive ( 200 pages) Art style like Regular Show mixed with Adventure Time. Pretty great writing, too From the author: “Based on Cartoon Hangovers Dead End, DEADENDIA is a comedic horror comic set in a failing amusement park named Winslows Wonderland. The young protagonists Norma Khan, Barney Guttman (and his dog Pugsley) work at the parks haunted house experience Dead End and soon discover that its really the front for a far weirder operation. Demons who possess dogs, elevators that take you to hell and eyebrows you can see from space are all in a days work at Dead End! ” 9/10 -42. "Society of Vice" Gay trans guy main character) Small archive ( 2 chapters) on hiatus since March 2017 Very neat watercolor art. About a group of people (mostly couples) with relationship problems who end up in group therapy together From the author: SoV Its a webcomic about a group therapy in a bar where you can be and enjoy what you want. Different stories, different people intertwine and change their lives. 8/10 -43. "Prince of Cats" Gay trans guy secondary character) Complete; large archive ( 4. 5 chapters) The main focus is the relationship between two guys, but the sibling of one of them is an FTM trans guy. Worth a read From the author: Lee is a seventeen-year-old with a dumb haircut, an interest in pharmacology, and an ability to hear cats talk. Hes also in love with his best friend. The latter would be a relatively simple problem to resolve, but its not the fact that theyre the same gender or different races thats the problem — its the economic disparity that shapes their miscommunication the most. Prince of Cats is set in the year 2003, in a county situated on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border of the Delaware River. Its a slice-of-life love story that spans a year of their high school drama. 7/10 -44. "Bad Bad Things" Trans masc main character) Two chapters so far, small archive; still updating High quality, dynamic art with an apocalyptic plot that not's been overdone to death. With magic! From the author: Bad Bad Things is a dystopian horror coming of age story about magic, friendship, adventure and shitty teenagers doing the best they can. Updates every monday and some fridays! This comic is going to include some potentially upsetting themes, so proceed with caution. 7/10 -45. "Sharp Zero" Trans guy main character) 14 chapters; medium archive; semi-hiatus I'm a sucker for superhero stuff, and this hit my sweet spot. Lots of laughs, reoccuring jokes, it's like if Marvel did a comic with every gender identity (although it's difficult to know who's the trans guy- so I'll tell you: it's Alex. From the author: Our story centers around Elliot, a delinquent indie rock musician who gets caught up in the world of vigilantism through an unexpectedly stupid accident. 9/10 (although the 'gender' stuff can get kind of heavy-handed) 46. "UnderDog" Gay trans guy main character) Small archive; still updating (as far as I can tell) From the author: UnderDog is an ongoing webcomic about an adopted transgender 16 year old boy, Andres, and his adopted sister Oceana. When a new teen, Koray, at school brings on a lot more than the town can chew, Andres throws himself into the supernatural hell of werewolves, witches, sirens, zombies, and more to protect his friends. 47. "Oh Human Star" Trans masc minor character) Large archive; >350 pages; still updating! I got into this awhile ago, and I just realized that Titus was probably AFAB. It's a quirky, intelligent tale with robots and ethics. From the author: Alastair Sterling was the inventor who sparked the robot revolution. And because of his sudden death, he didnt see any of it. That is, until he wakes up 16 years later in a robot body that matches his old one exactly. Until he steps outside and finds a world utterly unlike the one he left behind – a world where robots live alongside their human neighbors and coexist in their cities. A world he helped create. Now Al must track down his old partner Brendan to find out who is responsible for Als unexpected resurrection, but their reunion raises even more questions. Like who the robot living with Brendan is. And why she looks like Al. And how much of the past should stay in the past…" 9/10 -48. "Title Unrelated" Trans guy secondary character) 5 large chapters; still updating Twapa might be nonbinary, not sure, but Axis is a trans guy. Pretty cool art, full color pages, unique story. Lots to like. From the author: Title Unrelated is a story of family, love, friendship, and identity. Three adopted sisters (Erin, Twapa and Mara) and their best friend Ciaran befriend a mysterious stranger named Xe who has no memory of his past. While visiting her cousin's family estate in eastern Europe, Mara is kidnapped and her family and friends travel through a gateway to a parallel world in search of the missing girl. 7/10 (took me awhile to get into it, but then it wouldn't let go) 49. "Spire" Blaise is a gay trans guy main character) Small archive (2 chapters) still updating! It's like. steampunk space vampires? But cooler. B) A quirky, visually appealing art style with fantastic color. And fancy pants. I'm actually angry at how much I like this one. Like. how dare you take up so much of my thoughts From the author: A story about a bunch of vampires who just want to be human again. Also from the author (just in case you thought I was lying about there being a trans guy. My main character from SPIRE Blaise is a trans guy. It's not really a major part of his arc since he's already post-op and fully transitioned but it'll be touched on a few times in the story. My character Cog is also a trans girl, and the hunters are all nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. 10/10 (I don't even know why I like this so much. But I do. Fight me. 50. "Paisley Brickstone" Trans guy minor character & nonbinary minor character) Medium archive (still on chapter one, but 100+ pages with the prologue) still updating! Prolog' is cool, but the art starting in chapter one is unreal, yo. Crazy colors, lots of detail. Fun plot that doesn't make you think too hard. Like candy for your eyes. From the author: Being the new kid is never easy, but life gets even harder for Harvey Mammaroth when gym class takes a wild turn and he and his classmates find themselves trapped in an empty school. Is the whole thing just a vague assignment set up by their sadistic gym teacher, Coach Trener? Or is something much darker going on. Also from the author: There's a couple characters in my comic, Paisley Brickstone, who are trans, although one of them is more a minor character so far (Haven, who shows up in the prolog, but won't show up in the main story until chapter 2) and the other hasn't shown up yet but is one of the more important characters (Pierce, who does show up in chapter 1 and who's journey is about learning to deal with anger, which flares up a lot around his twin brother, Fenmore, who has a lot of masculine insecurity but is not trans. There's also a nonbinary kid who's shown up in the Prolog, Quinn (who uses he and they pronouns. I haven't decided yet if any others are since I leave gender pretty ambiguous with a lot of the kids, but yeah. I'm avoiding self discovery stuff involving gender, and focusing on self discovery involving peeling away the insecurity most, if not all, teens go through during their time in school. It's still pretty early on so a lot of this stuff is not going to be evident at all, yet, but it'll gradually roll out over time. 8/10 (kind of confusing at times, but still cool. 51. "Looking for Avin" Trans masc main character) Only a couple comic strips so far; still updating! From the author: a webcomic where i document my experiences as a trans masculine person" 52. "Godsblood" Trans guy main character) Started in Dec 2016; small archive; still updating! Neat premise and characters From the author: When Rivinie wakes up in the forest with a magical seal around her neck, she has no choice but to seek help. As she travels with Barlowe, a soldier-turned-guide, and Washa, the callous witch of the woods, she finds that her search for a cure goes deeper than expected. 8. 5/10 -53. "Artistic Process" Trans guy main character) Small archive, started in April 2017; still updating! Deaf AND trans AND a poc AND chill main character? Gotta check it out From the author: Artistic Process follows Collin and Alex, as well as their group of friends, showing their struggles through out highschool and how they deal with their identity. As the comic stretches, you see how the characters begin to express themselves in their own way. 7/10 -54. "Are you happy yet. Trans guy main character) Small archive; 15 pages; complete Facing your extended family isn't easy. Nor is thinking about what your past self would think of your life now From the author: A short comic about a transman going to his grandmother's funeral. 7/10 -55. "TransLife" Trans guy main character) Only 5 pages; hiatus Autobio comic from a married trans guy with two bio kids From the author: Comic life of my journey as a transmale. 56. "Hellbound. Small archive ( 20 pages so far) still updating! I found this one on a list of webcomics with 'trans-male' tags that's been right about every other webcomic so far, but it hasn't been mentioned in the actual comic yet. So I'm including this until either it's revealed and I leave it, or it's debunked and I'll remove it From the author: As part of a deceitful land-grab by Volac (a King of Hell) Mike gets unjustly banished to eternal damnation to be used in a procedure that would tear a rift between space and time. The plan is simple, get back to Heaven and avoid capture, but it's easier said than done. 7/10 -57. "Little Fish" Straight trans guy main character) Short; complete Cute revisioning of the little mermaid. Easy to follow, not much text. Short and sweet From the author: Little Fish is a reimagining/retelling of the classic The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen that I did a couple years ago for the Valor anthology, a fairy tale book by indie comic artists and writers featuring courageous heroines. The anthology is still available for purchase, after a highly successful Kickstarter, in e-book, paperback and hardcover. 6/10 -58. "Cunning Fire" Trans guy secondary character) Short (1 chapter so far & started in Dec 2016) still updating! A story about witches and death gods with semi-realistic art. Very cool. Remy is on testosterone, and Riley- from the cast page- seems nonbinary From the author: Cunning Fire is an urban fantasy story about witches and spirits in modern day Chicago, following the journey of Akiva Stein as she enters this unfamiliar, hidden world and learns the craft of the Death witch. Caught up in her new coven's quest to create the legendary Elixir of Life, Akiva is forced to face her ability to see spirits and come to terms with the ways magic has tainted her past, and how it will shape her future. 7/10 -59. "Poppies and Aconite" Straight trans guy main character) 35 pages; complete A pregnant trans guy married to a trans princess and werewolves From the author: welcome to poppies and aconite, a story about love, duty, and sacrifices. also, werewolves" 60. "Wicked Hero" Gay trans guy main character) Very short archive; still updating! I think the main character is a troll, but anyway, he has magic and tesosterone gel. And sweet hacking skills From the author: Wicked Hero contrasts to our own world by showing what it could be, to live in a society where diversity and individuality is a given. Where things such as gender, body or skin no longer come with setbacks. Where asking for someones pronoun is considered just as normal as asking for someones name. But… Even in the best of worlds some things still needs fixing. 8/10 -61. "Click" Trans guy main character) Only 7 pages so far; very new comic; still updating! So far, space station sci-fi stuff From the author: A queer scifi comic about wildlife photography and self-isolation. 5/10 -62. "Moço" Trans guy main character) Short strip comics dealing with dysphoria, religion, family. Not much text, but it's in English, although there might be some Portuguese, too From the author: The life of a transsexual any" 7/10 -63. "Tunes of Lycka. 4 chapters; small archive; still updating! Again, this was on the list of webcomics tagged with 'trans male' but it hasn't become apparent in the story yet (except for a nonbinary character that might be amab anyway) so idk From the author. “Tunes of Lycka” is a webcomic about the 14yo girl Lycka forming a band with her friends and her older cousin. Theres adventure, drama, a little bit of romance - and it is all revolved around our relationship with music. 5/10 -64. "Cirque du Royale" Trans guy minor character) Medium-ish archive (<50 pages so far) still updating! A family of clown royalty trying to throw together an act with people from the freak show. Also there's magic and flower people. One of the comedians, Will, is a trans man From the author: Cirque Du Royale is a slice of life comic about the regular lives of the newly appointed royal clown family. 7. 5/10 -65. "Caoine. Small archive (<20 pages) still updating! Magic is always fun. No mention of who (if any) characters are trans yet, though From the author: Tobias lives in a town of monsters and shenanigans. So, when a previously asleep god is brought back to life, he's on the case. Too bad the path leads to dark caves and annoyingly cute boys. 66. "Stuffy Stuff. 30 pages so far; still updating Not sure (again) which (if any) characters are trans yet, so keep an eye out for me, will ya? From the author: Slice of Life/Comedy Webcomic. Stuffy Stuff is a webcomic following the lives of four girls with both visible and invisible disabilities and the people around them, follow them as they struggle, grow and most importantly have a laugh, mucking around and being kids. 67. "Butterfly Blues. About 2 chapters so far; small archive; still updating! Since it's so new, I still haven't yet found out who is what (shocking. Again, it was tagged for 'trans male' character(s) From the author: A webcomic that takes place in a world destroyed by the Gods, following the journey of a homeless trio who takes on a job to help two brothers from a prestigious family hunt down an infamous terrorist group, Butterfly Blue. 6/10 -68. "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate. Only one chapter so far; short; still updating (last updated in Feb 2016) No mention of who is/ isn't/ might be trans yet. A kid gets caught being a stowaway and ends up working for the boss From the author: A tale about love, crime, and what it means to be raised by birds. 69. "Zoo Academy" Trans guy minor character) 70 pages; short-ish; still updating! Apparently Coco is trans, but omg. Main character is a big ol' dog human thing. My true weakness From the author: Zoo Academy is a LGBT orientated high school comic about inhuman and criminal kids trying to fit into the society that looks down at them. Updates every week. 9/10 -70. "Steph Le Trans" Trans guy main character) Short strips; small archive; still updating! From the author: And I am Steph. A few Slice of life comics about a 15 y/o transgender boy adventures in France. 71. "Doodlebug Comics" Trans guy main character) Small archive; still updating (last updated in March 2017) Pretty great for a minimalist (think 3D stick figure) art style From the author: A life of a transman. 5/10 -72. "Noir City" Trans guy & nonbinary main characters) Small archive; still updating! Zack is a trans man and Ricky is nonbinary; together they solve mysteries From the author: Its hard to make a living in the city that never sees the sun. In the permanently dark Noir City, fresh-faced detectives Zack and Ricky attempt to solve the city's unnatural mysteries—from missing dames to lurking shadows that stalk dark corners. But underneath the city a darker secret lurks, and a decades old mystery begins to stir…" 8/10 -73. "Conduit" Gay trans guy main character) Small archive; last updated Feb 2017, so maybe still updating? Great horror effects (prolly NSFW) themes, intriguing characters, fun times. From the cast page on the tumblr for the comic, it looks like Simon and Erik are trans guys/ trans masc, and Miyu is nonbinary From the author: Simon is a clumsy, amateur ghost hunter who is kidnapped by a ghost hunting dance squad to help them defeat a demi-god who is trying to kill their leader. 8/10 -74. "Oglaf. Medium-largeish archive; still updating! Okay, so, it's basically just sex humor. But some of the characters might have different gender identities. Probably From the author: Warning. This comic started out as an attempt to make pornography. It degenerated into sex comedy pretty much immediately. Confirm that you are over 18 and were on our way. 9/10 Part Two.

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I really want to see this, because Im a huge Topher Grace fan. I also love Steve Carell and Rose Byrne too. Hey r/conspiracy, I wanted to start a discussion about vaccines. I know this is a touchy topic, and the front page of reddit is very harsh on anybody who questions the validity of vaccines in any way. I love and believe in science, and my interest in this topic comes only from a place of genuine concern, and trying to earnestly figure out what would be the best thing to do for my future children. I grew up extremely pro-vaccines, but the internet has exposed me to some information that seems like an important part of the discussion. So I'm laying out some of the information I've seen, and the points they bring up. A lot of this information was collected from other reddit posts (including this great post and this one also) but I've added a few links of my own, and re-arranged some of the information to make it easier to digest. By re-posting it again here, I'm hoping we can start a conversation about these points. If anybody has any important points they want to include, comment and I'll edit it in. If there is any misinformation mixed in, please help point it out and I'll update the original post with the best info possible. Hopefully we'll all be better informed at the end of this! So I want to start off by looking at this Wikipedia article: Just to remind everybody that, when it comes to the US government's, we are dealing with a convicted criminal who has a history of using these types of tactics for unethical ends, by unethical means: Unethical human experimentation in the United States describes numerous experiments performed on human test subjects in the United States that have been considered unethical, and were often performed illegally, without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects. Such tests have occurred throughout American history, but particularly in the 20th century. The experiments include: the exposure of humans to many chemical and biological weapons (including infection with deadly or debilitating diseases) human radiation experiments, injection of toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others. Many of these tests were performed on children, 1] the sick, and mentally disabled individuals, often under the guise of "medical treatment. In many of the studies, a large portion of the subjects were poor, racial minorities, or prisoners. With that said, vaccines get a lot of credit for saving millions lives by killing off major diseases including measles, mumps, whooping cough, etc. However, the evidence indicates that 90 percent of those diseases were wiped out by the popularization of sanitation, before the vaccines were developed. (edit: for some reason, the images stopped working, and the formatting on this post got wonky out of nowhere. Here is a mirror for the graphs image: To get started, here are some speakers who do a good job of summarizing some of the big problems: Robert Kennedy Jr (pro-vaxxer) talking about the problems and corruption within the vaccine industry: Kristine M. Severyn, a pharmacist with a PhD in biopharmaceutics, specializing in pharmacology, toxicology, and drug kinetics makes an eloquent and well-sourced testimony to Ohio Health Committee criticizing the practices & corruption within vaccine industry (2018) Corruption: The FDA & CDC have been bought out by Big pharma & vaccine manufacturers. The former CDC president is now the CEO of Merek Vaccines: In 2015, the former CDC president made 2. 3 million dollars by selling a portion of her vaccine stocks. She still owns about 2 million worth of stock: CDC receives millions from Big Pharma annually: FDA researcher talks about the conflict of interests & corruption regarding FDA & Merck Vioxxx (vaccine manufacturer) Graham has estimated that Vioxx killed some 60, 000 patients- as many people, he points out, as died in the Vietnam War. He says that fundamental problems at the FDA led to those deaths. "People should turn to Congress and demand a drug safety system that is free from corporate influence- and a distinct center for drug safety. In Graham's eyes, the problem at the FDA is that the same scientists who approve drugs are the ones charged with deciding whether or not they are safe enough to remain on the market when problems crop up. "There is no feedback or review process to say, You guys have made a big mistake. he says. Lawsuit determines that federally required safety studies have not been performed in 30 years: Vaccine manufacturers are combining vaccines: Vaccine combinations not properly tested in relationship to one another before being brought to market: According to this Institute of Medicine report, studies designed to examine the long-term effects of the cumulative number of vaccines or other aspects of the immunization schedule have not been conducted. Observing vaccinated children for many years to look for long-term health conditions would not be practical, and withholding an effective vaccine from children while long-term studies are being done wouldnt be ethical. CDC Supreme Court declares vaccines unavoidably unsafe: In the early 1980s, the DPT vaccine was harming and killing people unpredictably. Because of this, it was not cost-effective to continue creating new vaccines as there was too much liability. National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act legislation (renders manufactures 100% of any & all liability) As a result, today if you are harmed by a vaccine, you cannot sue the vaccine manufacturers. They are the only industry protected from liability by the government. If you try to sue a vaccine company, it goes through a separate federal court and you will be paid out by the tax-payers, not by the vaccine manufacturers. The vaccine industry made upwards of 33 billion in 2014 (thats an increase of 25 billion from the year 2000) and has continued to grow since: In that same year (2014) pharmaceutical companies spent 22 billion dollars on advertising This year (2019) Merck (vaccine manufacturer) are estimating earnings of 45. 1 billion (an increase of 12 billion over the past 5 years) Vaccine manufacturers are growing exponentially. IOM safety report on vaccines brings ups safety concerns: “Although the committee is optimistic that more can and will be known about vaccine safety in the future, the limitations of the currently available peer-reviewed data meant that, more often not, we did not have sufficient scientific information to conclude whether a particular vaccine caused a specific rare adverse event. Where the data were inadequate to reach a scientifically defensible conclusion about causation, the committee specifically chose not to say which way the evidence “leaned, ” reasoning that such indications would violate our analytic framework. ” - IOM Important excerpts: Full report: Studies indicating that certain vaccines could make mild diseases more severe: Unlike a nature measles infection, receiving measles vaccines does not create lifelong immunity, effects wane over time: “When immunity wanes, vaccination has a far more limited impact on the average number of cases. While this observation has clear public-health implications, the dynamic consequences of the interaction between vaccination, waning immunity and boosting are far more striking. For high levels of vaccination (greater than 80% and moderate levels of waning immunity (greater than 30 years) large-scale epidemic cycles can be induced. ” By 2050, the proportion of vaccinated measles susceptibles may be greater than in the pre-vaccine era: The recent measles outbreak in NY that led to mandatory vaccinations was brought over from overseas travelers from Israel: The patient zero of the recent measles outbreak did received his measles vaccinations before becoming infected: Other outbreaks within vaccinated communities: Mumps outbreak. all vaccinated: Measles outbreak in a fully immunized school: Measles outbreak among the vaccinated: New York measles outbreak linked to vaccinated: Vaccinated child responsible for measles outbreak in British Columbia: Mumps outbreak in Netherlands linked to those vaccinated: Vaccinated student in Cali diagnosed with mumps: Vaccinated students at IU have outbreak of mumps: Everyone infected in this whooping cough outbreak was up to date on vaccinations. this outbreak too: Japan Leads the Way: No Vaccine Mandates and No MMR Vaccine = Healthier Children “The U. S. has the very highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries, with more American children dying at birth and in their first year than in any other comparable nation—and more than half of those who survive develop at least one chronic illness. No other developed country administers as many vaccine doses in the first two years of life. ” “Japan initially recommended the HPV vaccine but stopped doing so in 2013 after serious health problems prompted numerous lawsuits. Japanese researchers have since confirmed a temporal relationship between HPV vaccination and recipients development of symptoms. ” Recommended number of vaccines for newborns in the USA has increased from 3 vaccines to 14 vaccines over the past 60 years: 8 vaccines were suggested when I was born (1992) so if I had a kid today that kid would be recommended to take nearly double the injections that were required when I was born. This is projected to continue increasing, although they are combining vaccines to make it more efficient: Among the recommended vaccines for newborn babies is the vaccine for hepatitis b, an STD: Children with undiagnosed mitochondrial disorder may be triggered by vaccines into regressive symptoms such as seizures; trouble talking or interacting with people; difficulty eating; muscle weakness, or other problems: For one of our 25 patients, the child's autism/neurodevelopmental deterioration appeared to follow vaccination [12. 36. Although there may have been a temporal relationship of the events in this case, such timing does not prove causation. That said, there might be no difference between the inflammatory or catabolic stress of vaccinations and that of common childhood diseases, which are known precipitants of mitochondrial regression [37. “More research is needed to determine if there are rare cases where underlying mitochondrial disorders are triggered by anything related to vaccines” “Children are not routinely tested for mitochondrial diseases. ” Mandatory Vaccines: More Than 100 Bills Proposed in 30 States To Expand, Restrict or Eliminate Vaccine Informed Consent Rights (2019) Supreme Court rules that the state can impose “reasonable regulations” to protect the public health, even when such regulations interfere with individual rights. Washington State passes bill limiting vaccine exemptions (2019) Drug companies donate millions to lawmakers before vaccine debate, leading to tighter restrictions on vaccine exemptions in California. Only medical exemptions from vaccines are excluded. (2015) New California law would eliminate even medical exemptions from vaccines (2019) Refusing to be vaccinated in New York leads to 1, 000 fee per person. Not being vaccinated is a luxury for the rich (2019) The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) strongly opposes federal interference in medical decisions, including mandated vaccines: Censorship regarding vaccine safety information: Merck: vaccine manufacturer) put out an FDA approved drug in the 2000s that kills >60, 000 people. During the Australian lawsuit, they admit actively working to smear & discredit doctors with opposing viewpoints: Merck made a "hit list" of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list, emailed between Merck employees, contained doctors' names with the labels "neutralise. neutralised" or "discredit" next to them. Merck emails from 1999 showed company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using Vioxx. One email said: ”We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live. ” (1) Amazon (the worlds largest bookseller) will no longer sell books considered anti-vax (as of 2019) Facebook and social media to “crack down” on posts considered anti-vax (as of 2019) Billboards questioning vaccines taken down: Harmful vaccines: National Compensation Court website: Individuals who have received compensation (from the tax-payers) due to harm by vaccines totals over 3. 5 billion since 2006: Research team studying MMRV vaccine discover potentially harmful contaminants: DTP Vaccine increases mortality rate by 5 times: DTP was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs. It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections. Aluminum in vaccines: The CDC only cites one study regarding the safety of aluminum, which was debunked and removed from their website in 2007: Debunking the idea that aluminum is not harmful: Tests for safety of aluminum injections were done by having rats eat food with aluminum. No studies have ever been done testing for safe amounts of aluminum injections in children or newborns: Links between aluminum and alzheimer's: Disavowed vaccine specialist talks about link between aluminum and autism Family paid out 1. 5 million dollars after vaccine results in autism: Studies indicating a relationship between Vaccines and Autism: Causal relationship between vaccine induced immunity and autism Subtle DNA changes and the overuse of vaccines in autism Vaccine and Autism- a New Scientific Review And to top this all off, here is a testimony under oath by Stanley Plotkin “the grandfather of vaccines” which shines some light on the financial and development practices behind vaccines: So yeah. That's the information I have. Like I said, most of it came from this subreddit. but I'd like to see more of a discussion going on about it. Debunk me if I'm wrong, or help shine more light on the situation if I'm right. Thanks.

The booksellers of laurelwood

The booksellers imdb. The booksellers at laurelwood memphis tn. The booksellers book awards. Hopi, known as Hopilavayi or Hopiikwa is a Uto-Aztecan language spoken by the Hopi people, a Pueblo group that live in Arizona in the United States of America. As of the 2010 US census, there were 6, 800 speakers of the language, with 40 monolingual speakers being documents in 1990. Note: The orthography used in this write-up varies. Generally, however, it is directly in the IPA with the glottal stop being represented by a. This is what is used in the grammar I am reference. Occasionally, an example is taken from a different reference, and will use the orthography associated with that. I will try to distinguish them when that happens. Linguistics: Hopi is a Uto-Aztecan language, an indigenous language family located in the Western United States and Mexico. There are approximately 60 extant languages in this family, with the most famous likely being Hopi and the Nahuan (Aztecan) languages, with Nahuatl being the most famous. The Ute language of Utah is the language which the "Uto- branch is named after. There are 1. 9 million speakers of the Uto-Aztecan languages, though the Aztecan branch accounts for 1. 5 million of these. The family is divided into two main branches, a northern one and a southern one, though the question arises how much this classification has to do with relatedness among the languages versus areal features and a geographic classification. Language classification: Hopi is divided into several dialects, which will be discussed later. For now, its full linguistic classification is: Uto-Aztecan > Northern > Hopi Phonology: Hopi has a six vowel system, containing the vowels /i. ɛ. ɯ-ɨ. œ. o/ and /a. The consonants vary across dialect boundaries, with the Third Mesa ( Oraibi) dialect containing 20, and the Mishongnovi ( Toreva) dialect containing 32, though most of the differences come from a series of preaspirated stops and a series of voiceless sonorants. Hopi syllable structure is generally CV or CVC. CVCC can occur but is extremely rare. Likewise, intersyllabic clusters containing two or more sequential consonants are also very rare. [Stress. linguistics) in Hopi is very regular, and follows essentially two rules, though, of course, there are some exceptions: In words with one or two vowels, the first vowel is stressed Where there are more than two vowels, the first vowel is stressed if it is long or it is directly followed by two consonants. Otherwise, the second vowel is stressed. Third Mesa Hopi is also known to have developed [tones. linguistics. Grammar: See also: Hopi Syntax The basic word order or Hopi is Subject-Object-Verb, which occurs in 45% of the world's languages. Hopi nouns distinguish three numbers: singular, plural, and dual, though the determiners only distinguish two: singular and non-singular. Hopi distinguishes singular and non-singular on pronouns, but does not distinguish gender (meaning there is no difference between the word for 'he' and 'she. Hopi thus has six pronouns: n i (1st person singular. itam (1st person nonsingular. i m (2nd person singular. i ma (2nd person nonsingular) pam (3rd person singular) and p i ma (3rd person nonsingular. Hopi verbs are distinguished for plural and non-plural subject, instead of singular and non-singular. To express the dual, the singular form of the verb is used, but the dual form of the noun (or the plural form of the pronoun, since dual forms don't exist on them. Plural and non-plural verbs are formed in a variety of ways, such as suffixing, reduplication, and infix or through complete suppletion (i. e. two different roots for plural and non-plural forms. Transitive verbs also express agreement with the object of the verb. Object agreement is generally used with suppletion of the verb stem. This can be seen in the following four sentences (OBL stands for a case, which will be mentioned later and NSG means 'nonsingular' on verb, it refers to the subject. I killed a rabbit' n i ' taavo-t niina (I rabbit-OBL kill) We killed a rabbit' itam taavo-t niina-ya (We rabbit-OBL kill-NSG) I killed rabbits' n i ' taatpt i -y qöya (I rabbit(NSG) OBL kill) We killed rabbits' itam taatapt i -y qöqya (We rabbit(NSG) OBL kill(NSG) So, for this verb, the paradigm is: Singular subject, singular object: niina Singular subject, plural object: qöya Plural subject, singular object niina-ya Plural subject, plural object qöqya Hopi also contains postpositions. Like transitive verbs, these accept an object. Furthermore, postpositions are also marked for non-singular objects when used with animate nouns. This is indicated by an element that is added between the prefix and the stem of the postposition. Hopi nouns also have what is classified as an oblique case (the OBL used earlier. This case is essentially used when a nominal. This includes being marked when the nominal is part of a bigger one, but is not itself the subject (i. 'man' in "the man's dog. When the nominal is the subject, it is uninflected. Hopi intransitive verbs can form causative forms, to allow indication of who did something (i. 'The plate fell' would change forms to allow someone to say "I dropped (caused to fall) the plate. An example of this is illustrated in the following: n i ' hopilavayi-t t i t i qayi (I Hopi language-OBL learn; I am learning Hopi) n i ' paha-m i -y hopilavayai-t titiqay-na (I white people-OBL Hopi language-OBL learn-CAUS; I am teaching white people the Hopi language. Most Hopi verbs occur in aspectual pairs: perfective and imperfective pairs. The perfective is generally the simpler of the two, morphologically. The meaning of the perfective in Hopi is relatively straightforward: it is used to denote the completion of the action or process depicted by the verb in relation to a point in time. In the simplest case, which is set in the present, the perfective form of a non-future verb distinguishes the past: mi' taaqa paki (that man enter(PERF) the man entered; the man has entered) For some verbs (verbs like 'run. it can refer to the end-point of the action or the beginning of it. mi' taaqa wari (that man run(PERF) a) the man (has) ran; or, b) the man (has) started running) The meaning of the imperfective in Hopi in the simplest case is used to denote an action that is on-going as of the time of reference. Thus it is used to describe an even that is currently in progress, or was in progress at some point in time prior to the present. Using it with the second example above: mi' taaqa wari-ki-wta (that man run-ki-IMPERF; the man is/was running) The situation is more complex with other verbs, however. The first example above, for instance, contains two imperfective forms. One is used for a repetitive action, whereas the other renders a sative state. See the examples below: mi' taaqa papki (that man enter(IMPERF. the man keeps going in (and out. mi' taaqa papkiwta (that man enter(IMPERF. the man is entered (i. 'the man is inside. In addition to this aspectual distinction, Hopi verbs also distinguish have a two-way tense distinction: future and non-future. Both of these can combine with both aspects shown above. The non-future forms have already been demonstrated. the future forms are: mi' taaqa wari-k-ni (that man run(PERF) k-FUT; the man will run' mi' taaqa wari-k-wta-ni (that man run-ki-IMPERF-FUT; the man will be running' Hopi also has another aspect, the nomic or usitative, which is used to denote a habitual action or general truth. It is formed via straightfoward suffixation, like the future forms. mi' taaqa wara-kŋʷ i (that man run(IMPERF) k-USI; that man usually runs' mi' taaqa wara-ki-wta-ŋʷ i (that man run-ki-IMPERF-USI; that man is usually running' Hopi verbs are generally negated by using a preverbal particle, qa: pam qa hohonaqa (He NEG play; he is not playing. Questions are also marked with a particle. The negative can be combined with this to give the negative polar question. Various particles are used to answer these (similar to 'yes' and 'no' in English) which the choice depending on the question and answer. The correct form of the verb can also be used after the particle. In the Third Mesa dialect, ya is used as the question particle: ya hak hohonaqa (Q. who play; who is playing. owíh (yes) ya pam hohonaqa (Q. he play; is he playing. qa'e (no) ya ' i m qa y i 'a'ata? Q you NEG speaking; aren't you speaking. qa'e or 'as'ae (no (I'm not speaking) and yes (I am speaking) respectively) For positive imperatives, there are special forms of the verbs that are used, though the negative imperatives use the negative future form. Dialects Benjamin Whorf recognized four dialects of Hopi: First Mesa (called Polacca by Whorf) Mishongnovi ( Toreva by Whorf) Shipaulovi ( Sipaulovi by Whorf) Third Mesa ( Oraibi) First Mesa is, predictably, spoken on First Mesa a group of Arizona Tewa also live on First Mesa, and speak Tewa in addition to Hopi, English, and Spanish. Mishongnovi and Shipaulovi are spoken on Second Mesa, though in different villages. Mishongnovi has fewer speakers than First or Third Mesa Hopi. A textbook was written by a native speaker in 1978 for Shipaulovi Hopi. There are other villages on the Mesa with unknown dialectal affiliations. According to Whorf, Mishongnovi is one of the more archaic dialects, however Third Mesa does retain some other features that have been lost in Mishongnovi Hopi. The Third Mesa dialect is, also predictable, spoken on Third Mesa. It is the dialect used most consistently throughout this write-up. Metalinguistics Hopi Time Controversy Benjamin Lee Whorf, a well-known linguist and to this day one of the foremost authorities on the relationships obtaining between southwestern and Central American languages, used the Hopi language to exemplify his argument that one's world-view is affected by one's language and vice versa. Among Whorf's best-known claims was that Hopi had "no words, grammatical forms, construction or expressions that refer directly to what we call "time. Whorf's statement has been misunderstood to mean that Hopi has no concept of duration or succession of time, but in fact he meant only that the Hopi have no conception of time as an object or substance that may be divided and subdivided. Furthermore, according to John A. Lucy, many of Whorf's critics have failed to read his writings accurately, preferring instead to proffer uncharitable caricatures of his arguments. The existence of temporal concepts in the Hopi language was extensively documented by Ekkehart Malotki, while other linguists and philosophers are skeptical of Whorf's broader argument and his findings on Hopi have been disputed or rejected by some. Some have said that Hopi should be considered a tenseless language, with the future-nonfuture distinction being better represented by the realis and irrealis moods Dictionary Publication: Several Hopi did not want non-Hopi to learn their language, viewing it as the specific cultural heritage of the Hopi (and, in a sense, fighting back against colonialism. This was compounded as, when the dictionary was published, Arizona state law meant that no Hopi could register to take a class in the Hopi language, but Navajo and English-speaking American students could. In the mid-1990s the implementation by the Hopi tribal organization of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act caused further tension and discussion about Hopi communal ownership of their language. The Hopi tribe requested that all collections of data pertaining to Hopi cultural heritage be closed to the public, and free access to individuals be given only under written authorization of the Hopi tribal council. In 1997 Hill received a letter from Leigh J. Kuwanwisiwma, Director of the Hopi Tribe's Cultural Preservation Office expressing concerns that the dictionary project had not sought joint copyrights with the Hopi tribe, that the linguistic consultants who had contributed to the project had not given sufficiently informed consent to the free accessibility of information provided for non-Hopis, and finally that royalties should also be given to the CPO and the Hopi Health Department. He also found the list price of 85 excessive. He requested that the printing of the dictionary be held off until the issues had been addressed. While the dictionary had already been printed it was not yet cut and bound and the press suspended production. A meeting held between representatives of the Hopi community and the University of Arizona Press (UAP) raised the major concerns of some Hopis that the data in the dictionary would make the Hopi language accessible to non-Hopis. They felt that this constituted selling the Hopi language and thereby handing their cultural heritage out for grabs. They felt that the price was inaccessible for most Hopis, and that the copyright should be handed over to the Hopi Tribe so that they would be able to restrict access to the data. Stephen F. Cox, director of UAP, replied to Kuwanwisiwma explaining that copyright legislation pertains to distinct written expressions, and does not exist to protect languages. He stated that there was no way in which access to the book could be restricted to Hopis, but that, other than Hopi Tribe members, only linguistic scholars would be expected to buy the dictionary. He committed to giving 23 copies of the book to the Hopi Tribe and to sell any further copies to the Hopi tribe at a 40% discount. He also agreed to divide royalties between the Hopi Foundation and the Hopi tribal government itself. The CPO responded by sending out a public memorandum on October 16, 1997, stating that the CPO cultural advisory team opposed the dictionary's publication. Later on February 23, 1998, Tribe Chairman Wayne Taylor, Jr., proposed to Cox that copyrights be transferred to the Hopi Tribe and that the Hopi Tribe buy all the copies of the dictionary. After deliberation the University Press agreed to turn over copyrights and all remaining, unsold copies of the dictionary on January 1, 2008. The tribe would receive 500 copies at half price (although this would cause a loss of nearly 10, 000 to the press. This proposal was accepted by the Hopi tribal government. The book was published on May 14, 1998. Within a few days of the publication several Hopi individuals, including a bookseller, bought copies of the book. Samples: Spoken: A Hopi Elder Speaking Online radio (requires another program to listen to. Written: Note: Orthography and story come from Lessons in Hopi, described below. Iisaw Niqw Pu' Tsirot Haliksa'i! yaw hisat Songoopavit atkyave iisaw ki'ta. Nöq yaw pay hiisav aqlaq tsiro timuy amum ki'ta. Suus yaw tsirotuy yu'am timuy hooyanta. Yaw tsirohoymuy tutsayat akw tangatat pu' oomi maspangwu. Okiw yaw tsirohooyam hihin pu' hiisavo ang puvuya ltinumyat pay ahoy a' löhökyangwu. Sutsev yaw yantsaki pu' nawis'ew tsirohooyam oomeq kwangwavuyaltotingwu. Yaw iisaw amumi taykyang kwangwa'tuswa. Yaw tuwat as puuya ltinique naawakna. Tsirotuy yuyamuyaw niqe pu' pangqawu. "Nu' umi sutsev tayta um uutimuy tutuqaynaq'ö. Um qa nuy tutuqayanani. Pay so'onkye as pantani, iisaw ngasta homosa'ta pu' put qa hisat hak haqam iisawuy puuyawnumqat tuwa. Tsinotuy yu'am wuuwantat pu' pangqawu, Um ngasta homasa'ta, um kus hin puuyaltini. Tsirohooyam nanavtotaqe pu' soosoyom awyaque pu' pangqaqwa, Pay pam qa hiinta, itam suusukya löqmuy itaahomasay iisawuy aw maqayani. I' iisawuy haalaytoyna, niqw yaw tsirohooyam hiita tuwat pasiwni'yungwa. Tsirohooyam yaw suusukya löqmuy omoasat iisawuy maqaya pu' put aw tsuruknaya. "Ta'a. yu'am pangqawu. Pam tsirohoymuy nit pu' iisawuy tutsayat aw oyat pu' oomi maspa. Iisaw homasay puyayatoynat pu' satnöq sirohoymuy amungk pitu. Tsirohooyam iisawuy aw töqtoti, Oomi'i, piw hihin oomi'i. Yaw pavan iisaw hihin oomeq pituqw pu' suukya tsirohoya töqtyi, Taa. Tsirohooyam yaw iisawuy soosoyom aw puuyaltoti nit pu' himungwa aw pite' pangqawngwu. I'nuy pu' i' nuy. Soosoyom iisawuy ang homoasay mawya. Pu' iisaw ngasta homasa'taqe paysoq oongaq nu'an postokyang, tutskwat aw posqe mooki. Tsirohooyam haalaytotiqe a'ne töqtoti, Pantani, pantani, itam su'antsatsna! Pu' iisaw itamuy qa yuuyuynani, pu' yaapiy piw tsirohoymuy qa sowantani. Sources and Further Reading: Wikipedia Lessons in Hopi (Kalectaca, 1978. PDF being restored at ERIC; originally available for download, likely will be again after restoration Aspects of Hopy Grammar (Jeanne, 1978. Dissertation for MIT. Can be found online here The Hopi language, Toreva dialect (Whorf, 1946. Jeanne called this the closest thing to a reference grammar of Hopi when her dissertation was published. Upon a quick search, it appears there hasn't been a full reference grammar created since her dissertation. Hopi time: a linguistic analysis of the temporal concepts in the Hopi language (Ekkehart, 1983. Perhaps the best rebuttal to Worf's claims about how the Hopi language makes them experience time differently. Hopi Dictionary: Hopìikwa Lavàytutuveni: A Hopi Dictionary of the Third Mesa Dialect with an English-Hopi Finder List and a Sketch of Hopi Grammar (University of Arizona, 1998. A comprehensive dictionary of the Hopi language, published by the University of Arizona. Contains an 800 page Hopi-English section as well as a 30 page grammar sketch of the language. 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Meh. try harder. The booksellers greenwich entertainment. The booksellers documentary watch. This is so lovely, Ariel! Independent shops (and sometimes even previously independent and now belonging-to-a-chain shops) are so integral to many communities, and secondhand bookshops are such great refuges from a busy life (or just the rain. Putting a spotlight on them is a wonderful way to support them. <3. The booksellers at laurelwood. The booksellers 2019. The booksellers documentary netflix. Wir verwenden Cookies für das beste Erlebnis auf unserer Seite. Weitere Informationen hier. Verstanden. Herkunft Info mittelhochdeutsch valle, althochdeutsch falla, zu fallen; ursprüngliche Bezeichnung für ein Fanggerät mit Falltür.

The booksellers documentary where to watch. The booksellers miamisburg oh. 8p. ill. (some col. 18 cm. Undated. Date from publisher's form of name, cf Meriton. Small Books for the Common Man: a Descriptive Bibliography, p. 988 First sentence: Come, my pretty darling, come away, Take a pretty walk to day; Run along and never fear. Includes 8 woodcuts Copy in McGill Library Rare Books and Special Collections: orange wrappers. We want names. Like Clinton's are a given. But who else. The booksellers bistro memphis tn.

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Invitation: we're going to a cabin. Me: does it have a generator? Invitation: no. Me: hard pass.




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